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ALMEIDA&CASTRO- Consultoria em Transporte Vertical is a vertical transportation consulting engineering firm.

The firm´s Technical Director, João Eduardo de Almeida e Castro is a Mechanical Engineer graduated in 1976, from the University of Brasilia (UnB ). Mr. JE Castro holds vast experience in eletromechanical equipment acquired in the field. He has worked for General Electric (GE), Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), Eletronorte (Brazilien Government Power Company) and Encol (Private Brazilien Building and Real Estate Company). Moreover, he has several technical extension courses in Mechanical Engineering. He is experienced with elevators and escalators in the United States of America by ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He is a member of ASME since 1997.

Mr. JE Castro has been working exclusively in the vertical transportation field since 1992 and he administer over 600 projects for more than 3.500 elevators and several escalators. Acquainted with the Brazilian market, he keeps up with all the new technology through technical visits to factories and vertical transportation installations, in Brazil and abroad, and is always in touch with renowned consultants and companies in the business.


The consultancy firm works with companies in the construction field and anyone who needs of technical advice when it comes to elevators. The main services offered by ALMEIDA&CASTRO are the following:

  • Design specification for new installation projects

    The firm’s consulting product starts by the study of the architecture and structure projects of the building. The consulting should start still during the project’s conception but it can be done throughout its development. This service aims to instruct the client about the quantity of elevators in the building and the technical characteristics of this equipment.

    Parameters like the car´s speed, cabin capacity, door types and measures, types of machine drive, machine room dimensions, elevator’s hoistway and pit measurings and other parameters are defined aiming for the best quality project, the standardization to optimize the performance and comfort for the user, also concerning the economic aspect for the entrepreneur. ALMEIDA&CASTRO specification covers the equipment from de machine room to the pit, which includes the hoistway equipment overhead and elevator car and cabin.

  • Acquisition Consulting Service

    This service is offered in continuation of elevator studies and the definition whether it is an existing business or a new one. The advisory board consists in helping the client to make the best choice offered in the market according to the equipment technical specification and features.

    The proposals received by the client are analyzed by the advisory board and compared with the project’s specifications. The result is a simple comparative spread sheet based exclusively on technical criteria, which allows the client to choose the best option.

  • Basic modernization of elevators project, technical specification and bidding terms

    This product focuses on old facilities and in those which need upgrade technology for better performance and security of the elevators, increasing the comfort and security of users. It consists in technical preliminary inspection, which evaluates the state of conservation, functionality, and original security installation, aiming for the best project, considering the building’s traffic conditions and the client’s budget.

    Usually, this type of service provides the client with a direct comparison between the proposals from the market, once the suppliers offer their proposal centered on the basic project and proper benchmark provided by the consultant.

    For public buildings, as part of the offered service by ALMEIDA&CASTRO, the consultant services includes the bidding documentation needed according the Brazilian laws.

  • Maintenance Auditing

    Maintenance Auditing allows the client to acknowledge the conservation of service quality level provided by the installed elevator maintenance company in the building.

    Through thorough technical inspection on each of the installed elevators and the technical illustrated report, based on Brazilian standards, maintenance conservation procedure from the elevator’s manufacturers and the proper maintenance technique (best practices) the building manager/owner can determine compliance with maintenance elevator’s contract and take the necessary measurements to improve the job.

  • Technical Expertise – Expert Witness Testimony

    In case of accidents involving elevators and/or escalators, with or without victims, ALMEIDA & CASTRO is able to conduct inspections by customer request. The evaluation report will include the probable cause (s) of the accident and evaluate its consequences for the equipment.

    The evaluation report is an important document, which can be used by the building manager/owner in case of law suit. The report may point measurements to try to compensate material losses from the companies involved in any occurrences. The wide experience in the industry, combined with the independence of the Consultancy firm concerning vertical transportation market, allows credibility to a free report issuing.

  • Field Monitoring - Monitoring and Supervision installation of lifts in new building sites

    The equipment monitoring and supervision during construction allows the construction company to perform any kind of corrections and enables it to attend the county legislation ordinances, assuring good installation quality and avoiding problems in obtaining the necessary occupation license from the City Hall.

    The technical work performed by the Consultant consists of periodic inspections to the construction site, that begin when the equipment arrives to the site and ends when the last elevator is totally assembled, as well the whole set of elevators is in satisfactory operation. Only professional and specialized monitoring work can guarantee high quality standards and avoid future problems for users and building managers/owners.


  • Monitoring and supervision of services and modernization of elevators

    Monitoring and supervision in installation of new elevators or in the modernization of equipment in preexisting buildings is the only form of ensure that the project will be accomplished. This service includes: regular inspection with weekly reports; conferences with the assembly teams in the field to clarify technical questions as the site works goes on and monthly monitoring reports that includes the tasks progress on the field concerning the equipment assembly and preliminary and final acceptance term.


ALMEIDA&CASTRO throughout its history can list clients in many segments. The list that follows presents the companies we have worked with more recently. The list is sorted by category of clients.


The ALMEIDA&CASTRO Company throughout its many years of work with consulting, had the opportunity of developing jobs in many sectors as well as can proud of many remarkable experiences. The most notable of them are listed below:


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